January, 2017


CHA016 (CHA-O-Sechszehn) is a video collage bringing images of apocalyptic explosions such as the Tsar Bomb together with underwater creatures. As the imagery falls as layers on top of each other, Tibetan monk chants start echoing into songs of the hunchback whales, all evolving into a thick collage of sound.


Skydivers dance above the clouds holding hands, freefalling towards the earth as the kaleidoscopic lights start rewinding

back to start, flowers blossom and dissolve into darkness. The circular video collage is planned to be projected onto a wall, surrounded with a cave like structure made of paper, creating the illustion of a hole on the wall.



Ein Jahr meines Lebens ii

November 2015


Ein Jahr meines Lebens - Teil 2 (365 Tage in einem Blick - 22.11. 2014 - 21.11. 2015 // Musik von Vampire Weekend - Unbelievers)



Ein Jahr meines Lebens

March, 2011


From March 2010 until March 2011, I made a ten second video every day. The idea was to make a summary of the day by picking some 10 sec part of it.


At the end of this period, I took 365 videos and edited them on computer to make one single piece.


The whole video, few minutes long, summarizes one full year with traces from different places like Izmir, Istanbul, Braunschweig, Wolfenbüttel, Frankfurt, Berlin, Hannover.


Music is Fake Palindromes from Andrew Bird.









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