onur ilter

illustration series by onur ilter


The series I work on almost always have a basic theme or story. I use mainly, watercolor, acrylic paint and ink in my illustrations and occasionally pen, pencil, oil pastel and crayons.


In these pieces, I aim to narrate an abstract theme or transform personal stories into small visual diaries. I like using a comic-like structure on separate papers, which makes all visuals both stand alone and also interact with each other when brought together.

about the themes of series


Some older series are strongly focusing on physiological themes - where flesh, visceral anatomy, veins, muscles become the backbone of the narrative. I combine these with either words or sentences. I am very keen on depicting  physiological and psychological trauma as well as psychosomatic expression of hypochondria.


Apart from these, I like exploring themes like lullabies and songs, where I directly take lyrics from old songs from my childhood and combine them with ink illustrations in form of freestyle lace-work.

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