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Berlin, September 2020


a series of illustrations, digital

Dalgalar (Waves) is a series of ink illustrations based on song lyrics that focus on themes like sea, waves and shorelines. All illustrations have been finished digitally on computer.

Woman holding a stick hand on top of clouds at night with stars moon and meteors

Kalbim Ege'de Kaldı, 2020

From the Series "Dalgalar"


Woman hair and flowers on top of waves crashing

Kırdığın Yerler, 2020

From the Series "Dalgalar"


Woman wading in the ocean in moonlight under stars and meteors with flowers on her head

Derdimin Çiçeği, 2020

From the Series "Dalgalar" - based on the song Derdimin Çiçeği by Kalben


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